About Us

Who we are

In the ever changing medical industry laws and legislation has impacted  many medical providers’ revenue, some for the better and other for the worst. Like the Affordable Health Care Act or recent changes for CMS that would likely impact providers by the summer of 2018, many providers have been drowning in their Accounts Receivables. As a professional billing service we understand the typical frustrations that many small groups and/or providers experience with collections with either the insurance companies or patients.

How we work

No two practices or providers are created equal so we would never service a provider with a one size fits all plan. We’ve set up a way to not only allow providers to get their claims billed without the high cost and huge overhead but clean claims that would pay on time with minimal denials at a rate that’s affordable and services that are also tailored to their needs.

With over 10 years of experience with not only Medical Billing but also Collections we are able to get providers back to a state to where they are able to organize their billing process, bill clean claims and collect within a timely fashion that would not only minimize collection A/R but optimize the services that can be provided to patients overall.

An effective way of billing is coming your way